Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interviews and picture of 2009 Back to School Bash

I just want to tell everyone who participated in this event "Thank You" and "Thank You". Without the Sponsor, Volunteers, I would not be able to do as much as I did. You believed in my Vision, to make this come true for Children With a Vision, Inc. And in saying this, I am so humble with gratitude.
This was a trying time for me and everyone financially, but we as a community of doers made this event sucessful. And for some of the one's didn't give, but wanted to, maybe next year it will placed on your heart to do so.
Once again Thank You. There's so many picture to attach to the message. If anyone wants pictures, please notify me.
Re: The was a type error on one of the Tv interview. They place the wrong name Tonya Wilson, and they will correct it to Mrs Tonya Lewis. Have a nice day everyone.
Mrs. Tonya Lewis

10connects -
Studio 10 -
ABC story - (don't know how they got your last name as wilson???, but will have them change it)
St. Pete Times Mention -
There was a bigger story in today's St. Pete Times...i'm trying to find the link!!!

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