Monday, December 19, 2011

Gracie Donation To Children With A Vision “Toys 4 Tots”

This is a story that touched my heart early this morning. Ms. Susan Harris of “Auto DUI Immobilization” called me, and said that her niece Victoria Grace “Gracie” 6 yrs. old wanted to adopt a kid for Christmas. Gracie called UNICEF off of the TV and talked to someone, but was unsuccessful. They probably thought she was playing on the phone. Her Aunt “Susan Harris” called me for Gracie, and guess what “6 year old Gracie” made a contribution to Children With A Vision…Toys 4 Tots and we were able to buy 3 bicycle for kids that are less fortunate to have a Christmas. Because of Miss. Gracie, 3 children will ride around for Christmas with smiles on their faces. My God, 6 yrs old gave her money to BLESS other children for Christmas. Now tell me God work through us all. Children With A Vision wants to thank 6 yr old “Miss. Gracie” and thank you to the parents who instilled morals in little Gracie.

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