Monday, December 23, 2013

Thank You For Supporting Scholarship Fund Fish Fry

I want to start by giving God thanks.. Thank you to everyone who came out to support Children With A Vision & Our Sisters-Our Friends Scholarship Fund Fry Fish. A lot of trials came up and tried to hinder this event, but God get all the glory in end. I just give the Lord all the praises for strengthening me and Mrs. Sheilah Youngblood for glorious occasion for our male youth education. Thank you to everyone bought a ticket, came by, and donated online for these young men. You know standing up and serving the food yesterday, I looked over to see the young men standing and hold signs with their graduation capon gown on bought tears to my eyes. I said Lord they’re not on side of the road selling drugs, they pushing a sign for their education. God to be the glory. People should have filled the lot and stopped, but I thank everyone who came. We did well, and the young men were proud. “A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE”. Thank you again for support the Scholarship Fund Fish Fry.

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