Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Best "SUPER-ME" 2015 Mrs. Tonya Lewis

My Best "SUPER-ME" 2015 
When I look back and think of my life, and how I soared above my adversity that was destined to killed me before i was even born.. But God---> wrote "My Story", and believe me it's a novel, and soon one day it might be a Best Seller.. I have a reason to (Smile) today.. Who sustain:
1.Raped at 5yrs, Raped at 7 (Parent subjecting wrong company around your kids).
2.Pregnant at 13, and lost a little Girl. (A Child burring a Child).
3. On the street at 14 (because trying to find Love, that wasn't received at home).
4. Went to W.T. Edwards (Making wrong decisions).
5. Sentenced to a Girls Camp for 30 days.(Making wrong decisions).
5. Pregnant at 17, and almost lost my life (tubal pregnancy).
6. Sentenced to Florida State Prison at 20 for (18 months)--> Completed.
7. Married at 21 to (Oliver W. Lewis), and he was killed in 93 (yes I'm a Widow).
8. Sentenced to Prison at 21 for (7yrs + 12yrs probation) did 1yr on the 7 and came home on 12yrs probation (Successfully Completed 12yrs Probation).
9. In 1996 I was the (Victim) of 1st Attempted Murder of a young lady i was helping, to be stabbed 21 times in my sleep. But I'm still here with the scars and SMILES today. So when you look at me, I wear the scares a smiles well..
10. In 1998, purchased a home, and in 2009 gave it up for gaining a PEACE of Mind.
11. Lost another love of my life in 2000 to a motorcycle accident (Gregory Hills).
12. My Success & Accomplishments in the midst of:
1. Opened a business "Lewis Lawn Care.- 21 years strong
2. Opened a Non-Profit Children With A Vision, Inc.- 21 yrs strong
3. Rewarded with a Proclamation from the City of Tampa.
4. Rewarded with a Proclamation for the County Commissioners.
5. In 2009 Rights Restored to Vote for our 1st African American President.
6. Received multiple, Awards, Humanitarian Awards, and Certificates.
7. Liaison and sit on multiple boards for the Juvenile Justice System.
8. Was granted permission to be apart of "Prison Ministry"... What a blessing to been in the system to now blessing the system with my presence to speak to
individuals on Consequence and Choices dictates your future.
9. To Be Script, To Be Humble, To Be Patient, and to be made Whole and to be able to have a Peace of Mind and to Be In My Right State of Mind- All I Can Say Is, "Lord I Thank You",,, the best thing of ALL of this is to Re-Dedicate "My Life" to the Lord for what all the HELL I've been through.... Yes "SUPER-ME"!!!!
What's Your Excuse? NONE! God Get's All The Glory for My Life Story.. The Lord wrote the book and the chapters of My Life... "Super-Me"... Amen!
And you wonder why I smile! You wonder why I keep pressing through! You wonder why I'm covered! You wonder why No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper! You wonder Why? This is WHY???? 

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