Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Children With A Vision Attended- Sparkle & Shine "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Seminar

Sparkle & Shine "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" What's Your Passion and Purpose in Life?
She Helps To Empower (S.H.E) Empowerment Summit was a one-day conference, for women of all ages. Bringing together a unified spirit, to honor successes, connect, support one another’s growth, and share best practices...
S.H.E/H.E Laughed, Cried, Uplifted and Inspired...The goal of the summit is to create new bridges, and a wider awareness of women-backed political, social and economic causes. Injected with the hope, inspiration, excitement, and examples of determination, any gal on a mission to succeed, could ask for. That is, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Community to propel you on your path to greatnes. 

Children With A Vision/Founder Ms. Tonya Lewis was elated to be a guest speaker of such a wonderful, empacting event. Look forward to next year. 

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