Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do You Remember.....

DO YOU remember the times!!!! Survial 1. When you put a slice of bread of the bottom of the plate and piled grits,butter,and cheese over the bread, and that was a meal. 2. Rice with butter. 3. Sugar water frozen in ice tray. That was our popcicles. 4. Toast with surup poured over it.......... 5. Tomatoes sandwhich, with mayo, salt and a dash of pepper. 6. lima or blackeye peas with rice....NO MEAT 7. Powder milk, with a little bit of sugar. Government Block cheese, that made the best grilled cheese sandwhich.

See sometimes we forget those days. NEVER forget were you came from. Because that's what's going to help you get were you're going today. I thank GOD for those days. Because in the mist of this recession, WE know how to survive. Go back to those days before you had the resturants, and the fine dining. God BLESS everyone THIS DAY. And just to add, When God Bless us to wake up, we won't even smile, or say good morning.

I REMEMBER those days, That's what make me the young lady I am today, striving to make someone else day better. And that's what make me forget about what i'm going through. Now I'm going to go to work now, and make a better day for myself. Thank God for my DADDY, he made a strong LADY TODAY.

Mrs. Tonya M. Lewis (Tillman)

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