Monday, June 25, 2012

Class Of 2012- (Congratulation) Lord Save My Feet :-)

Here we go. These babies started giving Mrs. Tonya Lewis graduation invitations early. I will be in tennis shoes this year. Lol! I went to 12 graduation last year. And God knows I had to lay up for 2 day after that ( My Poor Little Size 6 1/2 Feet) was HURTING. :-) This year I will be in tennis shoes. I'm proud of all of you. This is what I stress.....EDUCATION..... I'm proud of all the graduates of "2012". Against all the odds you don't even see, young adults you made it. Mrs. Lewis is proud of you. Please do not stop there. Do not get relaxed, go right into college. Keep rising to the top. Again 2012 CONGRATULATION.....

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