Saturday, July 14, 2012

CWAV had the pleasure of stopping by Exciting Faith Alive Summer Camp with Pastor Antonio Hawkins. It was a pleasure seeing the kid have fun and learning. It's a pleasure to see parents enrolled their kids into summer camp. This let you know that parents care about where their kids are and to keep them safe. Accompanying me was Candidate E.J. Otero running for Senator and Mr. Stanley Gloster. Mr. Otero stopped by to meet and greet Pastor Hawkins and to visit the parks in the community. I tried to play basketball with the kids, and didn't even make a basket. Lol! Again I applaud Pastor Hawkins for opening up the church doors to have a summer camp to keep the kids occupied for the summer. I will be a guest speaker tomorrow along with other business owner speaking to the youth. It will be a pleasure.

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