Saturday, July 14, 2012

Riverfront Park*** July 15th*** Open To Everyone.

Project S.A.W. Show Another Way, Inc. & Children With A Vision All Business Entrepreneurs “1st Annual Bridge The Generational Gap” For our first annual event, we gather at Riverfront Park to bridge the generation gap. We’re basically trying to pass down some of the old school fundamental values. By doing so, we dedicate ourselves to the conference’s mission of promoting positive solutions to overcome and eliminate these problems. Appropriate security (Tampa Police Department) will be on hand to show community support as well as keeping a safe environment. This is a drug and alcohol free function. Keynote Speaker is Col. Benjamin Alvin Drew, USAF, and Astronaut. Special Guest, Chief Jane Castor, Mr. E.J Otero, Pastor Antonio Hawkins, Pastor Robert Regester, Jettie B. Wilds, Rev. Henry Price, and more guest and athletes: “Garnell Wilds” Former NFL Player and a host of friends. National Recording Artist: Young A.J. , Lil Brus- 9 yr old positive rapper on Anti-Bullying. Special Entertainment: G4S Juvenile Justice “Drum Team”, Revealing Truth “Praise Dance” This is our 1st annual community gathering. In order for these events to take place every year, we need the support of all Business Entrepreneurs as well as the community and leaders. The actual event will take place on July 15, 2012 at Riverfront Park, 1215 N. Blvd * Tampa, Florida 33607. 12:00 pm until 6:00pm Due to the amount of people, we will need volunteers on that day to give a hand on all activities. Problems are youth violence, lack of respect for self and others, morals, values, unemployment, aids awareness, accountability, bullying, and lack of vision. In life we all have to make choices, at Show Another Way we believe that the quality of the choices will determine the quality of your life. We believe in the old saying, “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”. It is our mission to teach all children to choose wisely. Our Organization believes that the children are our future and with hands on guidance we can show them how to make better choices. It’s not where you start from in life, but where you are determined to go in life. “Organization Uniting For The Same Cause” Show Another Way, Inc Children With A Vision, Inc Lesley Harris-Young Mrs. Tonya Lewis 813-701-0905 Cell 813-235-5656 Cell Show Another Way, Inc Mr. J. C. Young 813-408-3773 Cell

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