Saturday, July 14, 2012

Congratulation Everlecia (Itty) Taylor of Blake H.S. 2012.

Children With A Vision SALUTE THE CLASS OF 2012 BLAKE HIGH SCHOOL graduates TODAY. I will be attending Everlecia (Itty) Taylor. God bless you. Do not rest for your labor is not done. Go right into college. Again, congratulation to THE CLASS OF 2012 and I'm proud of you Itty. And you were Blake H.S. "2012 PROM QUEEN" this year. Keep up the good work dear. You work so hard. God Bless you. And to Fatima (Dee Dee) Clanton-mother, I'm proud of you as well. You are a strong women, and your getting them all through, but of course they don't have a choice either. :-).

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