Thursday, July 19, 2012

1st Annual Bridge The Generational Gap

Thank you everyone who came out to support the 1st Annual Bridge The Generational Gap. Just simply beautiful, and God was in the midst of. Everyone was helpful and thoughtful. Thank you Col. Alvin Drew- NASA Astronaut. You definitely left a everlasting impression with the people. I really enjoyed seeing how the People who Showed Up (BLACK & WHITE) embarrassed they seen a real live NASA-Astronaut come to their city. Just to see how everyone was amazed of him telling his mission out of space. I had to say I was overjoyed myself. Col. Drew took 2 missions out of space. That was phenomenal. Again, I like to thank everyone who showed up, THANK YOU. Stay on the look out for Children With A Vision, Inc & Show Another Way, Inc to partnership with multiple different Government Official, Law Enforcement, Agencies,Pastors,Non-Profits, Leaders, and Volunteers. We will come together for our community. For further information:813-235-5656

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