Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jessica Lewis- Boyd graduated-Keiser University College 6-8-12.

God is was with me. Graduations ( 12 ) of them. I went to Lakeland, Fl to my (Stepdaughter) My daughter with 8 Kids and she's graduated from Keiser University College... I'm proud of her. IF SHE CAN DO IT WITH 8 KIDS, so can others. I don't classify her as stepdaughter.... She is my daughter. I wish my husband was living to see the joy I see. But I was there in his place and mine plus her mother. I'm proud of you Jessica Lewis (Boyd) Tears. I traveled in the rain to see my babie. You was just a little girl and now a grown beautiful women. THANK YOU LORD. I'm proud that she is setting a positive example for her kids, that you can make it despise of your adversities. That's my babie girl. I just love her for her ambition. She is going back to get her masters in medical assistance.

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