Monday, June 29, 2009

Budget for this year School Supplies

SCHOOLSUPPLIES LIST-needed Budget for 4,000kids PRE-K to 2nd GRADE (1,000 kids) / 3rd GRADE to COLLEGE (3,000 kids) -1,000 Back packs (two scrap)Pre-K kids- 2nd (J.K. Miami Corp-Imports)$10,500.00 @ $.50 each -3,000 Back Packs (one strap) 3rd Grade to College Kids $5,000 @ $5.00 each -1,000 coloring books (DOLLAR TREE) $1,000.00@ $1.00 each -1,000 storage boxes (OFFICE DEPOT) $330.00@ .33 each -1,000 Elmer’s glue (20 cases) (OFFICE DEPOT) $250.00 @.25 each -1,000 crayons (20 cases) (OFFICE DEPOT) $250.00@ .25 each -10,000 packs of paper (416 cases) (OFFICE DEPOT) $2,500.00@ .25 each -3,000 packs of pens (18 cases) (OFFICE DEPOT) $825.00@ .25 each -25,000 folders (500 boxes) (OFFICE DEPOT) $2,500.00@ .10 each -4,000 hand sanitizer (80 cases) (DOLLAR TREE) $2,000.00 @.50 each

Martin Luther King Parade celebration

Children With a Vision, Inc Hosted a cook out in Mrs. Lewis yard for the community for Martin Luther King Parade. In picture with guest Wild 98.7 Radio street team. A wonderful day.

Tough Times

The economy is going through hard times right now. That's even better for us to come together as a whole, and make sure the kids of today have a brighter tommorow.
Please take time today, and go on our website and make a donation to ensure a kid a backpack and supplies with help them with a start. You can make your donation on PayPal which is a secured site.
Thank you,
Mrs. Tonya M. Lewis
I just want to take time out to say Thank You (Hooters) for your kind donation, to help insure that the kids in our community gets a bookbag and supplies for the upcoming school year.

Thanks Hooters - Mr. Keifer