Monday, September 7, 2009

Mr. Wyclef Jean a True Humanitarian/Artist (click on the link)
It was my pleasure to meet Mr. Wyclef Jean at the Black Enterprise Magazine/Golf-Tennis Gayla this weekend. I must say in the mist of all the entertaining Mr. Wyclef is very down to earth. He came amongs the people, and I had a chance to share with him, that I'm a follower of his charity and his great work for his native land. I also shared with him Children With a Vision, Inc and what we do. Mr. Wyclef was very attentive in the conversation. To me I have more Respect, because he is humble and mindful.
We have to support these charities and causes. It impact so many people lives. It is a pleasure again to see young Leader's as ourselves make a impact of so many individuals lives today. It's a Blessing to be a Blessing.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tribute to MY HUSBAND Mr. Oliver Lewis-Happy Birthday

Push Play

Happy Birthday Babie. On this day September 3 we celebrated your Birthday, and 29 day later God called you home. My heart hurts, and still the pain and tears feel unbearable today. You left me with a mark in my life of what a REAL MAN besides my Daddy should be. I thank you for that.

You gave me real love, and that's priceless. I can't believe its 16yrs to this day since you been gone. But you gave me the best 5 yrs that a man could give a wife. Thank you Lord for lending him to me for those years. Because you made me go on with life, and look at the Women you turned me into. Helping kids and other. As long as I live Oliver, you will alway be a part of me.

Love your WIFE Mrs. Tonya M. Lewis

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Interviews and picture of 2009 Back to School Bash

Interviews and picture of 2009 Back to School Bash

I just want to tell everyone who participated in this event "Thank You" and "Thank You". Without the Sponsor, Volunteers, I would not be able to do as much as I did. You believed in my Vison, to make this come true for Children With a Vision, Inc. And in saying this, I am so for humble with gratitude.This was a trying time for everyone financially, but we as a community of doers made this event sucessful. And for some of the one's didn't give, but wanted to, maybe next year it will placed on your heart to do so.Once again Thank You. There's so many picture to attach to the message. If anyone wants pictures, please notify me.Re: The was a type error on one of the Tv interview. They place the wrong name Tonya Wilson, and they will correct it Tonya Lewis.Have a nice day everyone.Sincerely,Mrs. Tonya LewisFounder/President10connects - 10 - - story - (don't know how they got your last name as wilson???, but will have them change it)St. Pete Times Mention - was a bigger story in today's St. Pete Times...i'm trying to find the link!!!

Paralymic Sports/ formerely Blaze Sports of Tampa Bay

I commend all of the kids from Blaze Sports, It takes endurance to overcome obstacles, and adversities. I thank you Blaze Sports Kids for inviting me to play wheel chair basketball during Christmas. You just don't know from that day yall changed my life. You made me appreciate LIFE. You gave me look at myself, and add to what I have already been through in life. And made me value it more. Keep up the good work Blaze Sports Kids. And for the parents....word can not AMOUNT to what I see you go through in just those couple of hours. I can't even imagine.. But I promise to adopt your kids as my kids. If you need me, I'm here 813-235-5656.
God Bless.
Go See these kid's play sport, and I promise you its remarkable.
Paralymic Sports Tampa Bay 6105 E Sligh Avenue, Tampa Fla. 33617
813-744-5307 Mr. Andy Chasanoff, Sports Coordinator

Do You Remember.....

DO YOU remember the times!!!! Survial 1. When you put a slice of bread of the bottom of the plate and piled grits,butter,and cheese over the bread, and that was a meal. 2. Rice with butter. 3. Sugar water frozen in ice tray. That was our popcicles. 4. Toast with surup poured over it.......... 5. Tomatoes sandwhich, with mayo, salt and a dash of pepper. 6. lima or blackeye peas with rice....NO MEAT 7. Powder milk, with a little bit of sugar. Government Block cheese, that made the best grilled cheese sandwhich.

See sometimes we forget those days. NEVER forget were you came from. Because that's what's going to help you get were you're going today. I thank GOD for those days. Because in the mist of this recession, WE know how to survive. Go back to those days before you had the resturants, and the fine dining. God BLESS everyone THIS DAY. And just to add, When God Bless us to wake up, we won't even smile, or say good morning.

I REMEMBER those days, That's what make me the young lady I am today, striving to make someone else day better. And that's what make me forget about what i'm going through. Now I'm going to go to work now, and make a better day for myself. Thank God for my DADDY, he made a strong LADY TODAY.

Mrs. Tonya M. Lewis (Tillman)