Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tonya Lewis & CWAV "New Years"- Defined ***" All Year"

People wait to New Years or the beginning of a New Year to make goals, promises, and resolutions. My everyday goal, promise and resolution is to Bless someone else that’s less fortunate than myself. And prayerfully when God Bless them, they can Bless someone as well. You don’t have to wait until man says a New Year is coming to make promises. It should be instilled in you to make a difference in your life everyday God grant you breath to breathe. I thank all the people who believe in me, and pray for me to do God’s will. Without those prayers lifted to the heaven above, I wouldn’t have the strength to move forward daily. To the ones who sit and judge, criticize; I thank you also as well. You keep me motivated and grounded. My strength comes from the Lord not man. The Lord say’s take care of his flock, and that’s My Vision, Mission, and Purpose. Humbly, thank you to my Sponsors and Volunteers. “Thank You”…..My All Year Daily Resolution!

CWAV Doing Charity Work * Blessing Others & Visiting

C.W.A.V. was volunteering helping the U.S Marine clean up buildings. Then from their Me and My Godfather went to One Bucs Place to visit some Buccaneer Player. It was a enjoyable moment for Mr. Sutton as you see. Yesterday Children With A Vision visited a lot of Church's, Day Cares, Tampa Park Housing, H.O.P.E Center and donated a abundant amount of toys for their facilities and centers to give out to underprivileged families. Its a Blessing. God is good.

Children With A Vision 2011 "Toys 4 Tots Giveaway

Thank you the Marines for the abundant amount of toys they provided to Children With A Vision.Their should be plenty of families that were Blessed by the given of others. But the most important thing to me at this point is not GIFTS, but to tell Jesus "Happy Birthday", and that I Love Him for all that he does in my life. Teach your kids the true meaning of the 25th of December. And enjoy the day that the Lord has made and endured for you and I to be here. God Bless everyone, and enjoy your families while there is breath. No one know from day to day, when you will see each other again. Happy Birthday Jesus.
Thank all the Sponsor's who made this year Christmas Blessing possible for thousands of families.. Sponsors: U.S. Marines "Toys 4 Tot", N- E- Where Transport ( John Amato), Fox 13, Wilson Funeral Home, A Janitors Closet, T.A. Mahoney, Molina Healthcare (Angela Bass Blaylock), Isa Bomb Entertainment (Fee), Boyztomen Barbershop, Best Bail Bonds ( Bebe Bel), Vology Data System, Fletcher Supermarket, Momma's Beauty Supply Store, Computer Mentor (Ralph Smith), C.A.P.S of Tampa Bay (Keith McDonald),Big Boys Barbershop, Guido Maniscalco, Mona's Fashion, Lorrie Brown, Janelle McGregor, Buffy Allen, Ed Williams, Peach Tree, Ben Gordon, Ronald Brookins, Donald Brookins, Vounder Perkins, Annette Rodriguez, Nikki Ross-Inda, Mr & Mrs. Monica MsBlaque Harris, Sheena Woodside, Keto Nord Hodges, Eric, Susan Smith, Victoria Grace (6 ys old Miss. Gracie), Gene Anthony Sandwich Shop, Ms. Ollie Darden... VOLUNTEERS: Black Butterflies Inc., Exciting Faith Alive, Brothers Helping Another, Ashley, Shannon, James Gallon, Oliver Sutton, Hillsborough High School Students, Cherelyne Levy, Milo Price, N-E- Where Transport whole Staff. Thank you Lord for sending your children (Sheep) to feed your flock. It take a village to raise and look out for your children. Thank you everyone for believing in Children With A Vision mission for the community. God Bless, and continue lets pull together for a common cause, and that's to do God's will.