Monday, August 17, 2015

M.A.L.E. & Hearts of Royality Bachelor & Bachelorette Charity Auction

Thank you to everyone that supported this year's M.A.L.E & Hearts of Royalty Bachelor & Bachelorette Charity Auction last night. Children With A Vision would like to say thank  you for the invitatation of attending a beautiful event. 
This event's proceed will benefit Friends of Joshua House & She Helps to Empower (S.H.E).
A special thanks to all the vendors and Dj Freddy who rendered their services for a worthy cause. 

Children With A Vision In Need of Volunteers

Volunteering changes lives, including yours. It is about giving back. The only donation we expect is the donation of your time, talent and pleasant attitude. 

Whatever your talent are, please contact Tonya Lewis at 813-235-5656 or via email, to see how you can render your services for a great cause for the upcoming 16th Annual Back To School Giveaway/Health Fair this Sunday @ Regan Park Community.... 

Thank you in advance.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Children With A Vision Years of Back To School Giveaways-Health

Children With A Vision over the years have blessed thousands of children throughout the community with the blessings of generous Sponsors and Donors. Together through the years we have blessed and put smiles on numerous of families.
Children With A Vision would like to take you back down memory lane through years of we all donating, sponsoring, volunteering and just simply blessing our community. Together We Can Make A Difference..
Children With A Vision "Thank You" for your dedication of services for our Annual Back To School Giveaways/Health Fairs..

Children With A Vision would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for individual who are donation school supplies, water, caprison. And thank you for individual calling in asking what do we need. That means a lot, there is never enough for the amount of children and families we are serving. 

Children With A Vision "16th Annual Back To School Giveaway/Health Fair * August 23rd @ Regan Park Community Ctr. 12Noon-6pm 

If you would like to Sponsor, Vendor,or Give, IT's Not To Late... Contact Ms. Lewis @ 813-235-5656 or Donate Online:

Friday, August 14, 2015

Thank you "She Helps To Empower" for having a vision of multiple young ladies and Women to come together for great causes. Children With A Vision is looking forward to the next Seminar September 26, 2015...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

We Are Women "Beyond Lipstick & Heels

We are Mother, Daughter's, Entrepreneurs, Boss, Caregivers, and more. 
Beautiful women and young ladies in one room discussing life issues. We are so much beyond lipstick and heels. Testimonials after testimonials. Highs & Lows. Dreams & Accomplishments and Achievements.

We are Women: Beyond Lipstick & Heels
Wine Women & Wealth
We would like to thank the presenters and participants for a phenomenal outcome. Empowered Women Empower Women.