Wednesday, November 13, 2013


THIS CENTER REPRESENTS THE COLLABORATION OF THE FOLLOWING AGENCIES: • MIRACLES OUTREACH CDC, INC. • CHILDREN WITH A VISION • GEMS (GIRLS EMPOWERED MENTALLY FOR SUCCESS) • FEDERATION OF FAMILIES • FAITH & FAMILY UPLIFT INITIATIVE. I want to thank everyone who came out to show support for each of the agencies. It was indeed a pleasure to give you a tour of the center. And thank you to the volunteers who came out to lend a hand.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Children With A Vision "1st Annual Valentine's Grandmothers Day Gala"

These are the Honoree’s that will be honored along with 125 grandmothers out of the community which took place @ Ragan Park Community Center. They truly deserve to be honored. They are a fine example of what “PASSING THE TORCH” should simplify. They’ve paid their dues in this community to so many that has come behind them. So we as Children With A Vision & Our Sisters-Our Friends will “Give Them Their Flowers While Their Living”. If you were not there, you missed a treat. Jus t to see the grandmothers coming in looking like the roses they are. The young men where excellent, the grandmothers where flattered to be treated like royalty. Thanks to the Lord first, then Visionaries me (Tonya Lewis) with Children With A Vision & Mrs. Shellah Youngblood (Our Sisters-Our Friends), Sponsors, Organizations, Volunteers who made this a night to remember. Special thank you to all the young men who chaperoned and waited on the grandmothers.

Children With A Vision Want Thank Everyone Who's On Program for Grandmothers Gala

Children With A Vision & Our Sisters- Our Friends had a meeting with all the young men that will be chaperoning 125 Grandmothers on February 9th/ w everyone on program. The meeting went well. We allowed the young men to know their duties. I tell you it was a blessing to be surrounded by a bunch nice looking young men. I was elated and proud of the young men. Thank you Mr. Anderson (Men of Vision),Pastor Antonio Hawking (Exciting Faith Alive), Andre (Old School Reunion), Angela Thornton and more. Thank you to all who is making this possible for the 125 grandmothers. Thank you everyone.